Mar 11

“MKV AVI to MP4” is a free and open-sourced way to convert your movies to MP4 so you can add them to iTunes and sync with your mobile device.   It works very quickly as it seems to change the container without re-encoding the video.

From their website:  “Convert mkv/avi files in h264 to mp4 files without re-encode video stream. Subtitle will be embed as soft subtitle.Convert speed is fast as video is not re-encoded.Works on iPad, mp4box,  mkvextract,  beSweet, eac3to, mediainfo are used.”

Here is the website to download:

You will also need to download the Nero ACC Codec and extract it in the same directory that houses mkvavi2mp4.

Now you will be able to add the resulting mp4 to iTunes and sync.



3 Responses to “Add / Convert MKV and AVI to iTunes and iPhone/iPod/iPad for Free”

  1. healthyemily Says:

    step by step guide on how to import avi to itunes for transfer to iphone/ipad/ipod/apple tv at

    it also applies to import mkv, mpg, flv, wmv, asf, vob to itunes

  2. Rfiacrk Says:

    Here is a blog about how to add AVI and MKV to iTunes at:

  3. bestautumnn Says:

    I have an easy-to-follow solution about how to add MP4 to iTunes. With this Avdshare Video Converter, Best MP4 to iTunes Converter for Mac and Windows.

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