May 03

I took me a while to find this answer, so I thought I’d post it.  Just in case.

I was having trouble with it, because when I went into the card (Ctrl-A) there was no option to rebuild. 
Hopefully the Raid failure has not left your OS FUBAR, because you need to run their software. 
It can be found here.

You will need to register your board before downloading.  So you’ll need the serial # off it.

You can rebuild the array from within the software.


7 Responses to “Rebuild Adaptec SATA RAID 1210SA”

  1. Matt Says:

    Thanks, this is exactly what I needed. I think I will get a different RAID controller card next time.

  2. peter Says:

    If you have already removed the failed drive (and sent it away for warrenty replacement) then you will find you cannot remove the failed drive from the array – you need to add the new drive as a hot-spare, the firmware will then rebuild the degraded array onto the hotspare

  3. Rufor Says:

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    Thank you

  4. Dirnov Says:

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  5. Jeremy Says:

    Great info! Thank you for the info, but FUCK Adaptec! They make you register an account and enter the serial number. I have an OEM product without a serial number, so I am stuck. FUCKING Adaptec!!!

  6. Bill Bartmann Says:

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