Oct 07

I have just compiled the steps that worked for me here all in one page (with screen shots).

The first thing you are going to need is the Cisco RNG200 bin file.  That can be downloaded here or here.

That file needs to be saved in your C:\Program Files\Sling Media\SlingPlayer\SBAV folder.

Goto Setup Assistant on your Slingbox.  And Select Configure Video Sources.


Select your Connection and Choose Cable Box.


Select Comcast as the manufacture and Other for the model.


Make sure the Lineup is correct, and hit next.  And now you will have to select your code to be able to control your DC50X DTA.  In the Select Code box, select Custom and type in C2000.  Then hit the Power button to test.  Remember that the DC50X does not turn off, this will not turn off the box.  But it will upload the RNG200 bin file.  If you get an error message, make sure you have saved the RNG200 bin file in the correct place.


Now just finish up the Setup Assistant, and you will be good.


37 Responses to “How to get your Slingbox working with Comcast DTA (Pace DC50X)”

  1. Dan Says:

    Thanks so Much!!!!

  2. Joe Says:

    Thanks. It works. Comcast has been passing these Pace Boxes out in Baltimore County, Maryland …. It’ hard to tell that they are made by Pace. Look at the bottom of the label on the bottom.

  3. John Says:

    Huge help guys…….
    thanks a lot works perfectly

  4. Michaelle Says:

    Thank you, because nothing else worked. I did get the power button to work.

  5. Ben Says:

    You need to be a consultant for Slingbox. They were going to charge $29.99 for the service and nobody knew how to do it. You advice worked perfectly. Thank you.

  6. Zen Says:

    I’m happy you were able to get it to work, and to keep the $30 in your pocket!

  7. JazJon Says:

    Where can we download the older Setup Assistant software? They seem to make you use the web version to setup everything now. The only Comcast “other” I see is “Comcast DCT (other) (Cablebox)” When I pick that it brings up a Comcast remote control that has DVR buttons on it. This sling web setup doesnt have all the options or a programs file directory so not sure what to do next?

  8. JazJon Says:

    EDIT: Found it, they kind of hide it a bit.

  9. Cindy Says:

    I have a DC50Xu, and the C2000 wouldn’t change the channel, but Comcast “Code 9” did. I’m really glad because I’ve been after this all day. This post gave me the idea to try “Comcast” as the brand. Neither “Motorola” (per Comcast helpline) nor “Pace” worked earlier. The “psuedo-remote” graphic is way more elaborate than the actual (it’s the DVR model), but who cares, you can still change the channel.

  10. Chris Says:

    I still can’t get this to work. Are there any other options? I’m using a HD-Pro with a DC50xu.

    I have uploaded the file and followed the step. I enter the code and get nothing. I confirm the path but do not see the enumerated codes. I’ve gone through this a few times to no avail. I am about the return the box as I don;t want to pay for it and at least the 7-8 channels they “give” me is better than one channel I can’t change.

    Any ideas?


  11. Zen Says:

    Did you do what Cindy said and try “Comcast” as the brand and “Code 9”?

  12. Joe Says:

    rng200 bin file is emty whats up

  13. Zen Says:

    You may want to re-download. I just tested the links and the bin file is not empty (117b)

  14. James Says:

    thanks once again!

  15. Joe Says:

    maybee there is a different link both links on this page are empty

  16. Ramon Says:

    I tried all the instructions above to no avail. I’m starting to think its a hardware issue with the IR blasters. Anyone continuing to have problems despite following the instructions above?

  17. Ed Says:

    Ramon – I am still having issues. I have done everything above and I cannot change the channel (I am seeing video just fine though). After the C2000 code did not work, I tried all of the other codes (1-11) and that did not work. I then tried listed it as an RNG200 and that did not work either.

    I checked the IR connection and it seems to be OK. I also tried to re-align the blasters and they seem to be OK.

    If anyone has some advice, let me know. I am not sure where to go from here.


  18. Ed Says:

    Nevermind. It ended up being a hardware issue. I moved the blasters back a bit and it works now. User error 🙂 Thanks for posting this solution.

  19. Ellis Says:

    IT WORKS PERFECTLY!! I m glad i found this site

  20. Larry Says:

    Where can I find the older setup assistant software? Where I can enter other and use the custom feature. I cannot find it on
    http://support.slingbox.com/go/dl-windows-desktop Can someone point me to it.

  21. Zen Says:

    I was able to find it here:

    Here is the direct link:

  22. Larry Says:

    Thanks so much. It works fine. The key is in SlingPlayer go to settings and use the Settup Assistant there. Also the power button won’t work when you are testing. Don’t worry about it. All the other buttons will. You don’t need the power button to work. The support group from Slingbox has no clue. Thanks Again!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Erik Says:

    Great write up! I’m researching this DTA box and was wondering if anyone knew if this would will work with a Slingbox SOLO SB260-100?

  24. Xraypilot Says:

    Just went through about 10 hrs & $29.99 to Sling trying to get the Comcast Thomson DTA1011 to work to no avail. Comcast’s website says that “their DTA works with SlingBox”. I went to Comcast & traded for another model of DTA: Pace DC50XU (the only on of 6 models that they normally have in stock). I tried every Pace in Sling’s setup assistant to no avail. I then tried all of the “Comcast” cable boxes in Sling’s setup assistant. The LAST one: “model: other, code 11” WORKED. So if you have this Pace DTA & Comcast, try that.

  25. Greg Says:

    AMAZING. Thank you very much!

  26. Chris H Says:


    At first it did not, but it is because I had the IR blasters bulbs right up against the cable box. I moved them so that the bulbs are about 1″ in front of the IR sensor on the box, and everything started working for me.


  27. M Says:

    Thank you — your instructions worked PERFECTLY! Awesome! Thank you!

  28. LR Says:


  29. Frank Says:

    November 2012.
    Hello there,
    The instructions above are not working on the new web user interface.

    My DTA ( DC50xu) is working, if I put a tv at the output. Remote control works as well with the downloaded channels.
    When the DTA output connected to the Slingbox, only one channel is available.
    What is selected with the DTA remote control. the On-screen control is not changing the channel.
    Anybody does slingbox with Comcast digital TV ???
    ( any idea? please send it to me: mail2fc[at]yahoo-dot-com

  30. Zen Says:

    Did you try to download the desktop software and run through the instructions on it?

    Here is the direct link:

  31. MG Says:

    The browser Slingbox player works just fine with the Comcast DTA, no need to install the standalone player or download the Cisco file. I think SB had updated the settings part of the web interface dramatically since this post was started.

    I just set up a Comcast DCI105COM1 DTA with my Slingbox Pro using the web setup. First, open your SB web viewer and tune your SB to channel 3, connect the DTA, let the DTA do it’s updates, then do the activation via the Comcast website. Once activated, connect the SB IR blaster and place them on the top or bottom of the DTA (seems to work better on the bottom for me).

    Go back into the SB web player settings, choose Input Settings and choose External Device. Next choose Cable box, then input the first three or four letters numbers of the device model and a list will come up (or choose advanced and then you can input Comcast and a list of Comcast devices will come up, there are at least a dozen including the DC50X). In my case DCI1 yielded DC1011, figured that was the closest, so chose that and the exact remote for the DTA popped up. Finish setting up the remote as instructed and you are good to go.

    Note that to reliably change channels by inputting channel numbers, I have to open the remote control and pause slightly between entering double or triple digit channel numbers. If you enter them to fast, the trailing numbers(s) will not be transmitted/recieved properly. Entering a multiple channel numbers using the web interface is pretty unreliable as I think it transmits them to fast for the DTA to receive them properly.

    Hope this helps!

  32. Zen Says:

    Thanks MG

  33. ryan miller Says:

    Got it!!!! Wow that was super annoying!!!

    I’m using the Comcast DCI105COM1 and Slingbox Pro-HD connected via Coaxial. Nearly threw thing out the window before figuring it out below.

    Followed these instructions: Slingbox.com – Uploading custom remote BIN files

    And used this custom remote: JP1 Remotes :: File Section

    I drag and droppe the file into the filed where it says “type in path”

    Working fine with every channel being able to change and use the guide as well.


  34. Jim Says:

    I have a DC60Xu with Slingbox M2. I downloaded the file. I am trying to copy it to the location listed in the instructions C:\Program Files\Sling Media\SlingPlayer\SBAV folder However my Sling Media folder does not contain SlingPlayer or a SBAV folder? It does contain
    C:\Program Files\Sling Media\SlingplayerforWeb Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  35. Zen Says:

    Have you tried installing the older Slingplayer?

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  37. Jim Says:

    August 2016 and it worked for me! That’s awesome