Nov 21

Apparently when your iTunes library is not in the default location, it will create another xml called “iTunes Library.xml” and will no longer use the default “iTunes Music Library.xml”.  This is fine unless you use another program to access the itunes data.  Those programs want to use “iTunes Music Library.xml” which has not been updated since you moved your library!  Crazy right?!?!

Easy fix: (Note: Always Backup your iTunes library first.  But you do this regularly anyway, right?)

  1. Make sure iTunes is closed, and go to the iTunes folder.  Rename “iTunes Library.itl” to “iTunes Music Library.itl”
  2. Hold down the Shift key (Option key on a Mac) and open iTunes.
  3. Select “Choose existing library” and select the newly renamed “iTunes Library.itl”

Now all the programs that need to access iTunes data will get the most updated library.