May 23

E815 Quick start guide to hacking & PC configuration

May 23

This may work on other Motorola Phones as well.

1) Change the extention of the mp3 you want to use to .mid

2) Copy the .mid to your memory card

3) Make a playlist.

4) Mark the playlist(highlight it and press 0) and the song(s) you want to be stored on the phone’s memory.

5) Highlight the playlist and press the menu button and select “copy marked files” and let it load

Now switch storage devices and use your new ringers as you please.
As far as I can tell, you can delete the playlist now.  You just needed that to allow you to copy.

May 02

I just came across a great utility to split up large folders so that they may be burned to several cd’s or dvd’s.

It uses Hard Links, so it will create perfectly sized folders without acutally copying or modifying the data that is to be burned.

Check it out

Directions here:

File Download here:

May 02

Error: “LU1803: LiveUpdate failed while getting your updates” or “LiveUpdate had an internal error while getting your updates”

Finally found a fix for this that works!

Go to the Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec

Delete the whole LiveUpdate directory
Go into Commone Client and delete all the files you can (there may be one that says it can’t be deleted because it is in use)

Now run LiveUpdate

This should fix the problems

May 02

Hello all, and welcome to my new blog. This is where I will be posting interesting things that I find.


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