Jul 20


Pandora for Blackberry – Free Personalized Radio

TuneWiki – Music player that will show you the Lyrics as the song is played (Download OTA) or (OTA for Storm)

Score Moble – Get all sports scores (live)

Beyond411 – the fastest way to look up business listings, driving directions, and web pages on your Blackberry. It can even search based on your exact location using GPS.

Google Mobile App(s) – free Google apps for your phone

Moodio – brings web radio to your mobile phone.

Yahoo! Messenger for Blackberry

Facebook for Blackberry

Shazam: this is only free for it’s limited version

Opera Mini Browser

Google GMail Mobile – see Google Mobile App(s)

Google Sync for Blackberry – Synchronize the built-in calendar and address book on your BlackBerry® with your Google account.
GoSkip.com: BlackBerry Software for Flight Tracking & Flight Information

QuickPull : simulates pulling the battery.  You can even schedule it to run.

iheartradio – Your BlackBerry is Now a Radio!

FreeLight – Small but effective flashlight app for your BlackBerry

Chronograph Timer – an excellent timer application

Moccatroller – Control your Media Player, PowerPoint or other apps on your computer right from your BB

BerryCoder QSMS (OTA)- Adds the Compose SMS shortcut to the “Q” key (assuming Home Screen Dialing is off)

Not Free:

RDM+ Blackberry -  essentially Remote Desktop for your Blackberry.  You can view and control workstations and servers.

FlipSide – flick through the album covers of your music

**updated 8/18/09


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